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Christoph Geiss - Trinity College Faculty Athletics Representative

Christoph Geiss is a geophysicist interested in the magnetic properties of natural materials. He is currently studying soils and lake sediments from the mid-western United States. At Trinity College Christoph is teaching courses in the Physics department and the Environmental Sciences program. He received the College's Bantam Award for his outstanding contributions to the athletic department in 2014. 

Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) 
The main responsibilities of the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) are:
* to ensure the academic integrity of the College’s athletic program
* to serve as an independent advocate for student-athlete well-being
* to contribute to the institutional control of the athletics program

The duties of the FAR include but are not limited to:

1. The FAR is appointed by the President in consultation with the Dean of Students and the Director of Athletics.

2. The FAR assures that all student-athletes meet all NCAA, NESCAC, and College requirements for initial and continuing eligibility for athletic participation, in both practice and intercollegiate competition, These certifications may be performed by College personnel in the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Athletics Compliance, but are subject to oversight, review and audit by the FAR. The FAR will, if necessary, review and authorize by signature all NCAA and NESCAC rules waiver applications.|

3. The FAR will meet regularly with the Athletics Compliance Officer to review outstanding compliance and eligibility issues. The FAR will participate in or be informed of investigations of alleged violations of these regulations.

4. The FAR will interact directly with student-athletes, be widely known among student-athletes, and interact specifically with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Student-athletes should recognize the FAR as a source of information, support and advice located administratively outside of the Athletic Department.

5. The FAR will collaborate with those individuals specifically charged with student athlete development for the betterment of student-athletes’ academic experience. The FAR will coordinate these efforts with and communicate his or her activities to the president.

6. The FAR will work with the Athletics Advisory Committee to evaluate the academic progress and performance of the student-athletes on the various intercollegiate sports teams based on reports or data provided by the Athletic Department and other offices on the campus. The FAR will have access to the data necessary to generate such reports. The FAR will through the AAC provide the faculty with an annual report regarding the academic progress and performance of student-athletes.

7. The FAR will serve as a liaison between the Athletic Department and the College faculty. The FAR in collaboration with the AAC will promote interaction between the College faculty and the Athletic Department, its coaches and the student-athletes.

8. The FAR will periodically attend the meetings of the head coaches, the SAAC, and other athletic-related events, such as competitions, team banquets, Athletic Department awards ceremonies, or others.

9. The FAR will work with the Athletic Department staff to ensure that there is a comprehensive and effective rules education and compliance program on campus.

10. The FAR will represent the College to the NCAA and the NESCAC. Together with the athletic director and President, the FAR will formulate and recommend institutional positions on NCAA legislation and other matters affecting or related to intercollegiate athletics on campus. The FAR will attend NCAA and conference meetings as required and appropriate and will participate in communications among NESCAC FARs and the NESCAC Office.

Team Faculty/Staff Liaison Program

 The purpose of appointing Team Faculty/Administrator Mentors for each of the 29 varsity sports programs is to establish a direct relationship between members of a particular sport team and the Trinity College faculty.  The Team Faculty/Administrator Mentor serves as an advocate of the sport, and acts as a liaison leading to a broader network of faculty that can assist student-athletes in meeting immediate and long-term needs.  Recognizing most teams vary in the degree to which they need support, the Team Faculty/Administrator Mentor fosters a relationship with his/her team in an effort to satisfy the specific needs of his/her team members.