Christoph Geiss - Trinity College Faculty Athletics Representative

Christoph Geiss is a geophysicist interested in the magnetic properties of natural materials. He is currently studying soils and lake sediments from the mid-western United States. At Trinity College Christoph is teaching courses in the Physics department and the Environmental Sciences program. He was received the College's Bantam Award for his outstanding contributions to the athletic department in 2014.



Team Faculty/Staff Liaison Program

 The purpose of appointing Team Faculty/Administrator Mentors for each of the 29 varsity sports programs is to establish a direct relationship between members of a particular sport team and the Trinity College faculty.  The Team Faculty/Administrator Mentor serves as an advocate of the sport, and acts as a liaison leading to a broader network of faculty that can assist student-athletes in meeting immediate and long-term needs.  Recognizing most teams vary in the degree to which they need support, the Team Faculty/Administrator Mentor fosters a relationship with his/her team in an effort to satisfy the specific needs of his/her team members.