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Trinity Team Faculty/Administrator Liaison Program

The purpose of appointing Team Faculty/Staff Liaisons for each of the 30 varsity sports programs is to establish a direct relationship between members of a particular sport team and the Trinity College faculty.  The Team Faculty/Staff Liaison serves as an advocate of the sport, and acts as a liaison leading to a broader network of faculty that can assist student-athletes in meeting immediate and long-term needs.  Recognizing most teams vary in the degree to which they need support, the Team Faculty/Staff Liaison fosters a relationship with his/her team in an effort to satisfy the specific needs of his/her team members.

Team Faculty/Staff Liaison Roles include:

  *Providing support to all members of the team;

  *Promoting cooperation between intercollegiate athletics, the administration, the faculty, and the staff.

  *Assisting in directing student-athletes to access available campus resources, including their college faculty advisor;

  *Identifying faculty members who can assist student-athletes in meeting their academic obligations;

  *Providing academic counseling when appropriate;

  *Keeping coaches informed of faculty policies and expectations;

  *Writing job or graduate school recommendations when appropriate;

  *Attending athletic practices and contests as their schedule permits;

  *Meeting with prospective student athletes (and parents or guardians) visiting Trinity, and/or identifying faculty and staff members who would be excellent resources for prospective student-athletes to meet;

  *Participating in pre-season athletic orientation with student-athletes, particularly the first years.

2019-20 Faculty/Staff Liaisons