Bantam Strength & Conditioning


Strength Program Description

The strength and conditioning program used at Trinity College is a “Hybrid Training” model.  This means we use an assortment of training styles that meet the requirement of being orthopedically safe and physiologically sound. The entire body must be trained in a comprehensive manner with no exercise overemphasized or underemphasized. The program revolves around the use of ground-based, multi-jointed movement patterns during the weight training portion of the program while concurrently addressing the specific metabolic demands of each sport.

All exercises are progressed based on the student athlete’s ability to properly perform each exercise, maintaining technique for the prescribed number of repetitions. We are performance driven, not number driven. We want the student-athletes using heavy weights but not at the expense of proper form. The two main points emphasized in the weight room are technique and effort. These two factors are what ultimately determine an athlete’s success in the weight room.