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Ferris Athletic Center Weight Room


The Trinity College Strength and Conditioning department received a big facelift in early September 2018. The old equipment that had once filled the space has been removed to make way for new equipment specially-ordered for Trinity and made by Sorinex. Sorinex is a national leader in strength and conditioning equipment, and is used in collegiate athletic departments across the country in all levels of athletics.

The new facility will feature 10 new racks. Each containing new barbells, plates, and other attachments all aimed at improving the athletic performance of the Bantams athletics teams. The new equipment also includes a new set of dumbbells, 5 lat pull-down machines, and new benches. The weight room currently services all 30 teams on campus throughout the school year, and this upgrade will allow the staff, comprised of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Bill DeLongis, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coaches Greg Cox and Anastasia Gaudreau, and their team of three interns, to better serve the athletes under their care.

“We are very excited for the new upgrades to the weight room space. We are very thankful for this generous donation to the strength and conditioning department that will allow us to better develop our athletes year-round” DeLongis said of the new upgrades.

In addition to the new strength training equipment the upgrades also includes new flooring in the weight room as well as field turf in the hallway leading down to the room itself. These upgrades will protect the equipment as well as the athletes when they are performing jumping, agility, or conditioning activities during training sessions.

These new upgrades will play a role in keeping the Bantams healthy, strong, and bringing more successful seasons and championships to Hartford.




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