Once a Bantam, Always a Bantam: Trinity Alumni Helping Athletes Post-Graduation

Once a Bantam, Always a Bantam: Trinity Alumni Helping Athletes Post-Graduation

Hartford, Conn.- The Trinity College alumni network extends so far and student-athletes, in particular, have an incredible range of people who can provide support and guidance at Trinity and beyond. Not only does the Trinity Career Development Center host numerous alumni networking events for students, but individual teams put together events with alumni on campus. Coaches are also a valuable support system for athletes as they connect current players with graduated players.

Trinity Field Hockey Head Coach, Anne Parmenter, explains, “As a coach, I am a resource for my athletes and I am helping my players connect with players I have coached in the past. Even if athletes never played on the same team, they are always willing to help another Bantam and continue to support their team. There truly is a once a Bantam, always a Bantam mantra. This Bantam family is supporting players at Trinity and beyond.”

Many current and past Trinity athletes have made meaningful connections with alumni:

Mackenzie Taskey ‘17
Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, Mackenzie Taskey ’17 was an economics major as well as a captain and defender on the Trinity field hockey team. After graduation, Taskey moved to Boston and is working as a business development representative at Rapid7, a cyber security company. Fellow Bantam player, Courtney Wynne ’15, referred Taskey at Rapid7 and now the two of them work together and are very close friends.

Taskey explains, “I felt so lucky to be part of Trinity Field Hockey while a student-athlete at Trinity, but our network goes beyond that. We all have each other’s backs especially through the difficulty of navigating the real world and succeeding professionally. No one is better at helping you than your teammates who understand your work ethic on a whole deeper level. 

Taskey and Wynne have started to build a TCFH alumni community in Boston.

"Courtney helped me through the job process so much and it is so valuable to work professionally with someone I admired so much as a teammate," Taskey adds. "Courtney and I are very similar, which is why I decided to reach out to her about the job initially. When she graduated we lost touch a bit, but working together has brought us back together.” 

Abby Siebert ‘16
Abby Siebert ’16 came to Trinity from Melrose, Massachusetts and was a captain and forward/midfielder on the women’s soccer team. While Siebert majored in urban studies, she decided to pursue nursing after graduation. Currently, Siebert is excelling in the MGH Institute of Health Professions, a nursing graduate program. Siebert credits Hannah Brickley ’14, a volleyball and basketball player and captain for the Bantams, who completed the same nursing program.

Siebert says, “Hannah was two years above me and was a huge help when I was applying and deciding where to go for nursing school, especially because there are a lot of great schools in the Boston area. When I got into MGH I spoke with her about the program and just hearing how much she loved it helped me confirm that I wanted to go there. Also, throughout the program she has helped me study and we still keep in touch often.”

There are also a large number of soccer alumni in Boston that spend time together.

Siebert says, “The soccer girls get meals together and hang out all the time. We are even planning a trip to Nashville this summer. I have loved having that Trinity network in Boston.”

Nicole Stauffer ‘17
Hailing from Cheshire, Connecticut, Nicole Stauffer ’17 was a women’s soccer and lacrosse player for the Bantams. She graduated with a political science and Hispanic Studies double major as well as a minor in history. After graduation, Stauffer moved to Boston and is currently working as a client relations and development associate at BNY Mellon, a global investments company. Fellow soccer player, McKenzie Jones ’15 helped Nicole find and settle into her job post-graduation.

When asked about her post-graduation experience Stauffer says, “Living and working in Boston after graduation was an easy transition because of the deeply rooted Trinity Athletics alumni base here. In particular, my former soccer teammate and captain McKenzie Jones has served as an invaluable connection and mentor for me at BNY Mellon. I am also constantly seeing former teammates, classmates, and meeting other Trinity alumni in Boston. In the future, I will pay it forward to other members of Trinity community as McKenzie has done with me.”

Sophie Fitzpatrick ‘16
Sophie Fitzpatrick grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts and was a captain and goalie on Trinity’s field hockey team. As a junior, she received NFHCA Division III All-American First Team, Synapse Sports Division III All-American First Team, National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) All-New England West Regional First Team, and All-New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) First Team honors. Fitzpatrick graduated from Trinity with a major in political science and is now working in San Francisco. She is an emerging advisor at the San Francisco Foundation, one of the nation’s largest community foundations in grant making and assets.

Fitzpatrick opened up about her experience with Trinity alumni, saying “I think one of the greatest things that Trinity College offers their students is a strong alumni network. In my experience, this connection is particularly strong within the athletic community. My first fall at Trinity, the field hockey team hosted an annual alumni event for all Trinity College field hockey players. During this time, the current players were able to talk to alumnae of all ages about their career paths, experiences, and industries, while also leveraging their insights and guidance. As a sophomore in college, I found this opportunity not only to be exciting and encouraging, but also very unique. Not every person goes to college, joins a team, and is introduced to a group of talented and motivated people who are willing to help and support you in any way they can. I believe that the willingness to help speaks to the strong connection each of these alumni felt towards both the school and the program.

Eric McGrath ‘09
Eric McGrath, a former Bantam football and baseball player, graduated from Trinity in 2009. As a baseball player, he pitched for a Bantam team that earned a NESCAC Championship title and won the NCAA Division III National Team Championship. McGrath was also the starting quarterback of Trinity football teams that compiled a 29-3 record over four years, won two NESCAC titles in 2005 and 2008 and finished second in 2006 and 2007. He was also selected for many awards, including the 2008 Boston Globe Gold Helmet Player of the Year for NCAA Divisions II and III. McGrath graduated from Trinity with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and currently serves as a project manager at Delbrook|JKS.

Trinity Football Head Coach Jeff Devanney says, “Eric loved Trinity and now he is a very loyal alum. Whether it’s making calls to recruits, supporting the guys on the sideline, or providing career advice, he is always available and willing to help.”

McGrath helped Darrien Meyers ‘17 get a job as a project engineer at his construction company and continues to help players this year, like Rocco Daigneault '18. McGrath has undoubtedly left a mark on the Bantam athletic program, and he still plays a key role with the Trinity team today.  McGrath is also very involved in the Bantam career service program and has provided internships, jobs, and career counseling to players. 

He says, “I am always invested in the team’s success and I try to go to all the local games in Boston and cheer the guys on. I keep in touch with Coach Devanney and I offer support to the football program in any way I can.” 

Rocco Daigneault ’18
Rocco Daigneault is from Darien, Connecticut and is an offensive linebacker for the reigning NESCAC football champions. Daigneault is also an urban studies major and member of Alpha Chi Rho at Trinity. After graduation, Daigneault plans to work for Delbrook|JKS, a construction company in Quincy, Massachusetts with Myers, his good friend and teammate, and McGrath. Myers helped Daigneault get started in the interview process, similar to how McGrath helped Myers during his senior year.

When asked about the Trinity alumni network Daigneault states, “Trinity alumni have been crucial in my search to join the workforce. As a senior it can be daunting to figure out what my next step is going to be and where to even start but that’s how the Trinity alumni help. Through my athletic career at Trinity I have met such a diverse group of people working in numerous different fields. These people have allowed me to explore different career options and ultimately create contacts and connections that lead me to joining the workforce.”

written by Sarah Connors '18