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Trinity Student-Athletes Have Access To Numerous Career Networking Opportunities

Trinity Student-Athletes Have Access To Numerous Career Networking Opportunities

Hartford, Conn. - Trinity College is renowned for its incredible alumni network as well as its distinguished athletic legacy. The Bantam Career Network looks to combine these two features and use athletics as the driving force behind this career development program. Not only can student-athletes use this as a resource for networking, but alums can connect with their teams, former teammates, and current student-athletes by joining "Trinity Athletics." This web will be integrated into Trinity's Four-Year Career Plan. It emphasize the eagerness the alumni have expressed about this program and the resources student-athletes can easily access to further their careers. There have been multiple different events offered to student-athletes on Trinity’s campus, including the women’s lacrosse team's involvement in Female Athletes at the Summit and the Trinity Football Career Network.

It is critical for young female athletes to have role models to look up to when going into the working world. The Female Athletes at the Summit offers female student-athletes an experience to connect with alumnae on their experiences post-graduate. Female events like this one are just the beginning, and they are a shining example of how Trinity goes above and beyond to help their student-athletes truly achieve their highest potential both as an undergraduate and as an alumnae.

The annual Trinity Football Career Networking Event in the spring involves around 40 alums with players attending a rotating networking event. Student-athletes have the opportunity to discuss potential career options, receive advice, and network with some of Trinity's exceptionally well-connected alums. Events like these truly change a student-athlete’s college experience at one of the nation’s top schools by allowing them to gain a true insight into the post-college world. By doing so, this networking opportunity gives Trinity student-athletes a leg up when they venture out to navigate the working world.

"The career services event that Coach (Jeff) Devanney and the Trinity Football alumni put on is truly something that is unique and special,” said Trinity football junior WR Koby Schofer. “It provides players the ability to sit down with people who have successfully ventured off into countless different careers and really pick their brain. This event allows underclassmen to start to think about life after college and where to direct that focus moving forward while upperclassmen to go out and network for future jobs and internships. It is cool to see guys that I played with taking their time to come back and give advice about their experiences since graduating. This event was one of the reasons why I chose to come to Trinity."