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Jeremy Arthur’s Dedication and Perseverance Lead To a Successful Collegiate Career

Jeremy Arthur’s Dedication and Perseverance Lead To a Successful Collegiate Career

Hartford, Conn. - Despite only attending Trinity for three years, Jeremy Arthur will be graduating in May with a degree in sociology.  Unlike his classmates, Arthur had an unorthodox recruiting process to Trinity. However, he reflects on his career at Trinity explaining, "To have the opportunity to play basketball and receive a prestigious education from Trinity is something I am truly grateful for."

After graduating from Kellenberg Memorial High School in 2013, Arthur continued his education and athletic aspirations by completing a post-graduate year at Trinity-Pawling in upstate New York to seek attention from collegiate basketball programs.  During his postgraduate season, Westchester Community College offered him a scholarship to play at the Division 1 junior college program.  Unfortunately, Arthur's season at Westchester was cancelled before he ever had the chance to step foot on the court.  During the fall of his first semester, the men's basketball program's season was revoked due to evidence that their coach had forged prospective and current student-athletes transcripts.  Not only did he not have an opportunity to play basketball, but he was unable to return for a second semester due to financial adversity with the loss of his scholarship.  

In pursuit of his collegiate dream, Arthur trained throughout the spring and summer to attract coaches with his athletic resilience.  In spite of his frustrations, he received a call from Trinity Head Coach James Cosgrove and a new opportunity was presented.

"I was so fortunate that Coach Cosgrove was willing to take an opportunity on me," he said. "My goal was to play collegiate basketball and to receive an education and with his help I was one step closer to making this come true." 

Although Coach Cosgrove was interested in Jeremy's athletic abilities, he would have to excel academically and athletically to prove he could succeed as a Trinity College student-athlete.  In the fall, Arthur continued strength training and attended Nassau Community College to emphasize to Trinity that he was serious and capable of exceeding academic expectations.  

In order to attend the local college, Arthur explained, "I obtained multiple night jobs to pay off my junior college debts because I didn't want to put the extra burden on my mom with extra bills she didn't cause."

Arthur's selfless commitment to achieving his dream ultimately paid off as he enrolled at Trinity for the spring semester of 2015.  He joined his teammates after exams for their first game of the new year.  Arthut had not played basketball competitively in over a year and a half, and had to re-acclimate himself to the pace of the game at the college level as well as learn the team's systems.  

Coach Cogrove said, "Jeremy adjusted well to the team dynamic and was able to be incorporated himself into the line up after a few games."  

In his final season, Arthur blossomed into one of Trinity's top weapons, averaging 11.3 points per game on over 43% shooting from the floor, finishing second on team in three-pointers (tied), assists, and third in rebounding and steals.  Not only was he successful on the court, but off the court as well.  Coach Cosgrove described Jeremy as "an outspoken, enthusiastic leader, the 'ra-ra' man who gets the team going."

In reflecting on his time at Trinity, Arthur is grateful for the student-athlete experience he has had at the small liberal arts campus.  He emphasized the strength of his relationships with his coaches, teammates, and professors that have guided him during his time at Trinity.  He expressed gratitude towards Professor  Tennyson O'Donnell, the team's academic liaison and the head of Trinity's Center for Writing and Rhetoric, for cultivating his academic experience as a sociology major.  Arthur explained how he took a rhetoric class with Professor O'Donnell during his first semester at Trinity that stuck with him throughout his time here. Professor O'Donnell posed the prompt, "Build a bridge to something completely opposite to what you first imagined."  Arthur explained that the question opened his eyes to think outside the box and view the world from a new perspective, understanding the necessity to consider more than what you can see.  The new outlook, along with the rhetoric skills learned in Professor O'Donnell's class, helped Arthur excel during the six semesters that followed.

After Trinity, Arthur is undecided as to what his future holds both on and off the court.  He has a remaining year of eligibility that he can potentially use to earn his master's degree. Arthur also has family in the Philippines that he plans to visit after graduation as he entertains the idea of continuing his basketball career overseas.   Arthur is open-minded as he enjoys his last few months on campus.  And, like any great advisor, Coach Cosgrove will be there to help him every step of the way.

"I will help him with whatever he feels is the best decision for his future."

written by Melissa Maffeo '18