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Trinity Men's Squash Player's Blog by Jay Kramer'12: Entry #2

Trinity Men's Squash Player's Blog by Jay Kramer'12: Entry #2


As many of you already know, this past week has been a roller coaster of great highs and lows for all involved with the team. Last Wednesday we traveled to New Haven to face the Yale University Bulldogs. Going into the match, all knew it was going to be a battle until the last bounce of the ball. Unfortunately, Yale was resilient and pulled out a 5-4 victory and handed us our first loss in 13 years. The team understood Yale raised the bar of play just a little bit higher than ever before, and that is okay. It was at this moment Coach spoke words that the team knew would ring true for a long time. The loss is nothing but a regular season loss. For the first time in 13 years the Trinity College Bantam squash team has the opportunity to show true character. He said our team and our character will not be judged on how we lost to Yale, but whether we are able to get back up once we have fallen.

With each other to lean on, the team was ready to get to work and start preparing for an equally formidable opponent in undefeated Harvard University. Practices leading up to the match were filled with quiet determination on and off the court as players prepared. The Yale loss was not a burden, but rather a blessing in disguise. Once the initial sting had left and our minds cleared, everyone was able to gain new insight into their squash game, as there is no better chance to learn than through failure.  Once Saturday came, the team was excited to get back on court and show the squash world that this is not only a skilled team, but also a character-driven team. By day’s end, we had won 17 of our 19 team matches, and 7 of the top 9 seeded matches.

This blog I do not have a player of the week as the team theme over the past 7 days has been “family”. The players and coaches both believe our edge over other schools’ teams is our squash family. While we practice and play everyday, we do it for our brother on court next to us and for past brothers that have battled to keep the Trinity legacy strong. The strength of our family was apparent during the Harvard match as many past alumni took the time to come to our courts and cheer us on to victory.  The team would like to thank everybody for their continued support. This family atmosphere that Coach has cultivated is what keeps us going and teaches us to be the character driven people we will need to be to win the National Championship.

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