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Lexi Menard’s Multi-Sport Career at Trinity

Lexi Menard’s Multi-Sport Career at Trinity

More Than Just a Dual Threat: Lexi Menard’s Multi-Sport Career at Trinity

 Whether she is sinking threes on the basketball court, dishing out assists on the soccer field or putting in long hours in the neuroscience lab, Trinity College senior Lexi Menard never fails to find a way to contribute to the College’s community.  A captain of both the women’s Soccer and basketball teams, Menard has been a leading member of some of the most successful and groundbreaking Bantam squads of the past four years. As a sophomore, Menard was part of the first Trinity women’s soccer team to win an NCAA tournament match, netting a critical goal in a 2-1 opening round win over Elizabethtown. That same year, Menard led the women’s basketball squad to the NESCAC Semifinals. An accomplished neuroscience student and an elegant presence on the Trinity campus, Menard is looking forward to ending her career on a high note. Last week Menard sat down to reflect on her decorated career.

SD: What brought you to Trinity?

 LM: When I was looking at colleges, Trinity stood out as the school that seemed to offer the perfect mix of athletics and academics. Along with a high-caliber education, Trinity also offered a unique opportunity to play both soccer and basketball. There seemed to be a great balance between school and sports and I also liked that I could remain close to home. 

SD: You were a standout two-sport athlete in high school and you have continued to excel at both sports at the collegiate level. What’s the relationship like between soccer and basketball?

LM: Playing one definitely helps with the other and vice versa. It has been great coming into basketball season already fit from a season of soccer. The speed and endurance from soccer help in getting up and down the court.

SD: As a multi-sport athlete you’re in season for almost the entire year. How do you balance sports and academics?

LM: I learned a lot about time management from being a multi-sport student athlete in high school, so I felt fairly prepared to deal with multiple responsibilities coming into college. With so much going on between athletics and academics my schedule is more or less built in with times to get work done.

SD: What stands out as your favorite moment from your career?

Both seasons my sophomore year were amazing. That fall we made the NCAA tournament. I scored in our opening win against Elizabethtown and that was special. The chemistry on that team was incredible.  We were close both on and off the field. That winter was very memorable as well. We made the semifinals in the NESCAC tournament and that was a huge accomplishment for the team.

SD: How will you look back on your time at Trinity?

LM: Being part of multiple teams has taught me a ton about relationships and responsibility. I have definitely gained a lot of confidence over the past four years and my position as a captain for both teams has developed my leadership skills. As a captain I have started to care about people in a new way. My communication and person-to-person skills have grown tremendously

written by Sean Dunn '16