Bantam Women's Basketball Captain Meg Collins Adds Her Leadership Skills To Resurrected Trinity Sports Network

Bantam Women's Basketball Captain Meg Collins Adds Her Leadership Skills To Resurrected Trinity Sports Network

Hartford, Conn. - Trinity College women's basketball junior tri-captain Meghan Collins started playing basketball when she was five years old after her dad signed her up for peewee ball. She committed to Trinity after falling in love with the campus during her overnight visit as a high school basketball recruit, and also has a leadership role on the Bantam squad as a junior tri-captain.

"I've enjoyed the game ever since I started playing" Collins said.  "I am extremely satisfied with my decision to attend Trinity.  The relationships I have made with my professors, coaches, and fellow students have made my experience everything I could have asked for.  The team is like a family to me and I value and respect every member. Being captain, alongside Emily Llerena and Aubree Udell, has taught me valuable lessons. It's no simple task to be a captain of any college sport but very rewarding at the same time. I have a lot of responsibility and with a large roster of 18 girls, I've tried to make sure every player feels important and valuable to the team."

Trinity Head Coach Emily Garner had some nice things to say about Collins and her role on the Bantams. "Meghan is one of the hardest workers we have. She is so selfless and gives everything she has to the team. She also loves to give back to the community through clubs and organizations and does a tremendous job being an active individual."

Collins is a leader not only on the court, but off the court as well. She has recently been able to resurrect the Trinity Sports Network (TSN) after attending a lunch talk held by Marc DiBenedetto and Joey Roberts, last spring.

"She is very diligent in getting the program going and getting the student body involved and she does a tremendous job at creating different promotions for TSN." Coach Garner says about Collins and TSN. I was able to recently interview Collins to learn more about TSN and how she was able to get it started once more:

Q: Why did you decide you wanted to resurrect the Trinity Sports Network? Is it a part of a career path you want to follow one day?

MC: I decided to resurrect the Trinity Sports Network after going to an open lunch talk last spring with Trinity alumni Marc DiBenedetto '13 and Joey Roberts '11 who had been a part of Trinity Sports Network when they attended Trinity. When DiBenedetto and Roberts started out they had no experience with sports media coverage but a strong desire to broadcast Trinity athletics across campus from a student-run organization. That was what really pulled me in, knowing that I didn't have to have a lot of experience, but a lot of passion and dedication to be able to make it happen. At the time I wasn't sure what I wanted to do after Trinity, but I knew this was something that really interested me and I could see myself pursuing as a potential career.

Q: Do you know why it disappeared in the first place? And how did you bring the network back?

MC: I'm not sure what happened after Joey and Marc graduated, but after talking to them about their experience at Trinity and where they are working now, I was inspired to bring it back to life. At the time, I was taking a basic filmmaking course and for my final project I decided to do a documentary on the football team preparing for another NESCAC Championship.  With my little experience in filmmaking and with my current job as a sports photographer on campus, I decided to take an independent study with Professor Spezialetti in the fall 2017 to widen my knowledge with sports media coverage and resurrect TSN. But I could not have done it without the help from senior Felix Cavan.

Q: What exactly is TSN?

MC: The network covers Trinity athletics along with other sports clubs on campus, keeping everyone up to date on the Bantams from a student-run organization. As of right now, we operate from the Trinity Sports Network Facebook page and our @trinitysportsnetwork instagram account. I hope to bring on more people to the team and be able to have a brief talk show once a week in the near future.  For sports photos check out the TSN Flickr link! 

Q: How can people get involved?

MC: I chose to take an independent study with Professor Spezialetti, who once worked with the original TSN, so I received credit and got to learn more about sports media coverage in a classroom setting because Trinity doesn't offer a course in that specific subject matter. Although an independent study is a great option, there are other ways to get involved. If you feel like you don't have room for another class in your schedule, you can contact me (cell: 978-578-5948 or email: or Professor Spezialetti ( and volunteer any time. It's a great experience to add to your resume whether you want to help on a single project or for a whole semester. We are looking for students who have some experience with interviewing players/coaches, filming athletic competitions, and interest in sports commentary and/or speaking on brief weekly talk shows.

Q: Why do you believe it's important to publicize sports on campus from another angle?

MC: I think it's important to publicize sports on campus from a different angle separate from the college's communications department because we have a lot more freedom of what topics we choose to cover, and a different perspective as a student-athlete. For me personally, I wanted to follow the football team this past fall as they succeeded in winning another NESCAC Championship. Because I dedicated a lot of time to the team, they allowed me to ride the bus with them. I was able to grow closer with the coaches and players, which made interviews and access to things I needed a lot easier. With the help of Felix Cavan and others, we were able to produce highlight videos almost every week and post action shots to the Flickr link so players and parents could have them."

Q: Overall, how has your experience been with TSN?

MC: My experience with TSN has been a lot of fun. I've met a lot of great photographers, videographers, coaches and inspirational players along the way. It takes a lot of time, passion and organization to make it happen but with every new experience, you gain a little more knowledge, and have more and more projects to be proud of.