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Trinity Women's Varsity Four Beats Simmons In First Spring Race

Aria Mildon '21 rows for Trinity's varsity eight
Aria Mildon '21 rows for Trinity's varsity eight

Cambridge, Mass. – The Trinity College varsity-four crew dusted the Simmons College Sharks by over 50 seconds to highlight the first day of spring racing for the Bantam women’s rowing team this morning on the Charles River Basin.  Trinity’s varsity eight and second-varsity eight both came in third in a four-boat race, while its third-varsity eight lost in a dual race against the Bates College Bobcats.

“We felt like we had a pretty good day, beating Simmons in all three match-ups, and relative to Bates, unanimously ranked #1 in the country, we had our best margins in several years in the V8 and 2V8,” said Trinity Head Coach Heather Barney (3rd Season).  “We felt like it was a good step forward and a strong start to the season. It was especially exciting to see our varsity four post a big win, and we were proud of our all-novice, third-varsity eight for successfully getting their first-ever sprint race under their belts.

In the varsity-eight race, Trinity posted a time of 7:04.844 to finish over six seconds ahead of fourth-place Simmons but well behind Bates and the Division I MIT Lightweights.  Trinity’s second-varsity eight finished in 7:30.437to beat Simmons handily but fall to the Bobcats and the Engineers, while its third-varsity eight came in over 51 seconds behind Bates with a time of 8:12.424.  Trinity’s varsity four recorded a winning time of 8:21.553 to win

C – Courtney Robb
S – Kirsten Thiim
7 – Molly McGonigle
6 – Aria Mildon
5 – Claire Grigglestone
4 – Lillian Belletete
3 – Julia Gorka
2 – Lucy Hainline
B – Erin Gannon
C – Caitlin Southwick
S – Katie Cerulle
7 – Emily McLeod
6 – Summer Dow
5 – Isabel Teel
4 – Hannah Walsh
3 – Jules Petrillo
2 – Rachel Kyriakides
B – Erin Murphy
C – Annie Moore
S – Liz Turpin
7 – Kerry Thornton
6 – Alli Wells
5 – Jin Tan
4 – Cassidy McNeely
3 – Delilah Johnson
2 – Doris Wang
B – Danielle Miller
C – Lillia Schmidt
S – Sarah Thomas
3 – Cristina Aldeanueva
2 – Izzy DeFilippo
B – Ava Hill