Sarah Connors Reflects on Four Memorable Years As a Student-Athlete at Trinity

Sarah Connors Reflects on Four Memorable Years As a Student-Athlete at Trinity

Trinity senior Sarah Connors, from Winnetka, Illinois, doesn't just stand out because of her outstanding 4.0 grade point average, but also because of her outstanding soccer career for the Bantams. During her rookie season, Connors earned the team's Rookie of the Year award and continued to improve each year after that. Connors played in every game during the falls of her sophomore and senior years, and would have done the same during her junior season were it not for a torn MCL suffered in the last game of the regular season. She also earned New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) All-Academic Team honors her sophomore, and junior years, and will continue that streak as a senior when the team is announced later this month. Her well-accomplished career concluded with her being named a tri-captain this fall, along with senior teammates Julia Pitino and Maddie Snyder.

Connors reflected on her career and experience at Trinity earlier this week:

Q: When did you start playing soccer?

A:  I started playing when I was about five years old. I was playing in the AYSO rec leagues. I was the only one in my family to play and begged my parents to let me play. I used to play basketball as well, we're a big basketball family.

Q: What made you choose to come to Trinity?

A: There were a lot of things. My mom attended Trinity and played field hockey and lacrosse here. And then when I visited the campus I fell in love, I was really attracted to the strong athletics and academics and I liked that it was in a city with easy access to New York City and Boston. During my overnight, the girls on the team were also super nice.

Q: You tore your MCL last season and were able to come back from that. How did that injury impact you when you couldn't play?

A: It was so hard. I was devastated. It happened in our last regular season game against Amherst. But even with the injury, I still felt part of the team on the sidelines. It was obviously hard not to be on the field but I could still cheer them on. Coming back from that injury was mentally challenging because it made me really nervous to play again and I didn't want to re-tear my knee.

Q: What has it been like being a tri-captain of your team?

A: It has been really fun, challenging, yet rewarding at the same time. It's a lot of responsibility that I had to take on, even the small things like organizing team dinners. I also had to make sure I was leading the team on and off the field. But the team has a great group of girls so there were never any problems.

Q: Why did you choose to major in psychology and minor in media studies?

A: I love psychology. I'm super interested in learning how people think, behave, and act. I took Psych 101 with Professor Kennen, and ever since then I've been taking psych classes. I'm currently taking Evaluation of Addictive Behavior and it's really interesting. I also really like writing so that's where the Media Studies minor comes in. It helps incorporate my writing and it fits in with the liberal arts education really well.

Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

A: Possibly something with psychology and helping people, maybe even pursuing medicine and health. I'm also really interested in doing something with sports marketing. I want sports to be a part of my life forever and last summer I did an internship with an alum who works for a company called Bridge Athletic in San Francisco, and we covered content dealing with sports marketing.

Q: How do you think you'll look back on your career at Trinity?

A: I think overall my experience and career here has been amazing. I wish more than anything the 4 years could have been longer. It was such a positive, great experience for me and I grew not only as a soccer player but also as a person. I made lots of friends with my teammates and people and I'm so grateful for the experiences.

Q: Do you have any advice for younger students?

A: Cherish the moments. It goes by so fast so don't take anything for granted and make sure to have fun.

written by Taylor Foy '20